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International Tower Hill Mines Announces Results from 2021 Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders

Vancouver, British Columbia, May 26, 2021 – International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.(the “Company”) - (TSX: ITH) (NYSE American: THM) announces the results from its 2021 Annual General and Special Meeting of shareholders held in Fairbanks, AK, USA on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 (“Meeting”).

At the Meeting, the Company’s shareholders elected the following individuals as directors of the Company, with all receiving a majority of the votes cast, as follows:

Director Votes For Votes Withheld
Anton Drescher 122,696,294 (89.60%) 14,234,312 (10.40%)
Karl Hanneman 136,626,271 (99.78%) 304,335 (0.22%)
Stuart Harshaw 133,597,206 (97.57%) 3,333,400 (2.43%)
Marcelo Kim 136,624,723 (99.78%) 302,883 (0.22%)
Stephen Lang 133,627,606 (97.59%) 3,303,000 (2.41%)
Christopher Papagianis 136,626,352 (99.78%) 304,254 (0.22%)
Thomas Weng 136,623,265 (99.78%) 307,341 (0.22%)

The shareholders re-appointed the current auditors, Davidson & Company LLP, Chartered Accountants, as auditors of the Company for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021 and authorized the directors to fix their remuneration.

The shareholders approved an amendment to the Company’s Notice of Articles (90.64% majority) and an amendment and restatement of the Company’s Articles (88.91% majority).

The shareholders approved, on an advisory non-binding basis (“Say on Pay”), the compensation paid to the Company’s executive officers (91.52% majority).The shareholders re-approved the 2017 Deferred Share Unit Incentive Plan (97.12% majority) and re-approved the 2006 Incentive Stock Option Plan (89.87% majority).

The detailed proxy voting on all resolutions submitted to the shareholders at the Meeting is contained in the “Report of Voting Results” for the Meeting which will be available under the Company’s profile on SEDAR and on the Company’s website or upon request by contacting the Company at 1-855-428-2825.

About International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.

International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. controls 100% of the Livengood Gold Project located along the paved Elliott Highway, 70 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska.

On behalf of
International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.

(signed) Karl L. Hanneman
Chief Executive Officer

Contact Information:
Richard Solie, Jr., Manager - Investor Relations
E-mail: [email protected]
Direct line: 907-328-2825
Toll-Free: 1-855-428-2825

This news release is not, and is not to be construed in any way as, an offer to buy or sell securities in the United States.

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